This fantastic hotel located on the Rhodes Island (Greece) combines perfectly the elements of the environment with the attractive and modern facilities.
Located on the beachfront, the water flows through every corner of the resort.The crystalline fountains at the entrance of the complex and the large outdoor pool connect the sea and the sky in perfect harmony.
Light colored materials have been used to highlight the brightness. The white of our Stromboli Light collection joins the main pool and the entrances to the terraces and common areas.
In the crowning of the large pool, its features the Creta Collection with RJ66 ceramic grate, which provides a water flow drainage of 19.7 m3 / hour. In some parts of the pool, where the affluent is bigger, edges and highly anti-slip supports (R12) of Hawaii Collection has been used to ensure the safety of the guests.
The large format bases, 60x60, award amplitude and modernity appearance and cleanliness to this large terrace.