Sea Rock Marfil + Step 120

Cerámica Mayor's Sea Rock Marfil was used for this pool. This colour of porcelain stoneware imitates the beauty of marine rocks and, as it is incorporated into the inside of the pool, thanks to its warm tones it makes the water look a light but intense blue with greenish nuances that make the water appear to tend towards the colour turquoise.

The pool coping stands out for the use of the large 33x120cm steps which, by not having included any curves in the pool, give it a modern touch despite the classic design of this ceramic with sinuous lines of the interior of the pool with the 37.5x75cm format.

The entire terrace is 100% harmonised thanks to the use of our Sea Rock Marfil ceramic design, which blends perfectly with the lawn surrounding the pool, the stone-lined fountain and all the surrounding vegetation.