This beatifull Villa was built in 2018. It features a private garden of 200 sq.m, in which central location you can find this pool of 40 sq.m. The swimming pool… is the diamond of the villa! It is a pool with a perimeter overflow, made in Stromboli Light colour, to maintain the luminosity and immerse in the Greek Islands.

The pieces used in this project have been Hawaii Edge, with a great anti-slip, RJ66 Grate and Hawaii Grate Support, offering a clean and homogeneous line to the contour of the pool, mixing the purity of the crystalline blue of the water with the white colour luminosity thanks to the Stromboli Light collection.

It features 60x60 Bases in the same colour (Stromboli Light) and 120 cm Complete Steps inside the pool to facilitate and integrate the descent to the swim area with the rest of the combination.