Ceramic Construction Solutions

Terrace series with integrated aesthetics

All our series provide special pieces to solve any construction problem. steps, skirting, step tops, ledges, sills, etc.

Finishing pieces for steps

Step tops are special skirting pieces that adapt to the shape of the step. They come in special sizes so they can be cut to any length.

Finishing pieces for floor

Sills and steps are pieces with which to limit the paved areas, thanks to their lateral side we prevent breakages on the tiles and aesthetically improve the finish.

Sills for windows and doors

Thanks to this simple piece, we integrate and reinforce the joints between the floor and windows. Aesthetically, it will all look more uniform.

Wall cladding

For high transit areas and/or areas that tend to have humidity, ceramic cladding is ideal to help to maintain it. Planters Of any size and complexity, the crowning and cladding with ceramic material will help the cleaning and maintenance of the planters.


Of any size and complexity, the crowning and cladding with ceramic material will help the cleaning and maintenance of the planters.

Drainage grates

Ceramic grates are an excellent solution to collect water from slopes, stairs and hills, without the overall aesthetics being affected. .

Pavement series available for pools

Our pavement series provide coloured pool pieces for you to provide your outdoor area with a unique environment.

Construction solutions for the pool vessel

Construction solutions for the pool interior. Each series has pieces that will solve any construction problem: stairs, benches, lounger beds for Jacuzzi, etc.

Skimmer and infinity systems

Our systems adapt to your needs, in the same way as they can be combined to solve construction problems.

R10-R12 anti-slip pool coping

For dressing-room areas, showers, perimeter areas, around the pool it is advisable to install Hawaii R12 pavement, which thanks to its surface with micro-relief ensures a greater safety and grip.

Swimming pool vessel cladding

Our material can also be used to cover the pool vessel, conferring your pool a more natural finish blending in with the environment.

Corner solutions

Corner solutions for all type of angles, in the case of projects, they can be cut to special measures, adapting to each project.

Flexible grates for curved pools

The function of our RJ88 RI00 flexible grate easily adapts to all type of interior or exterior radii of curved swimming pools.

Multiple construction solutions

Ceramica Mayor's piece system enables combining different piece systems thanks to their standard modular measures. You will be able to combine any pool edge with any type of grate.


We offer the possibility of labeling the edge pieces of the pool with the timely information to increase the security of the clients. Specially when it comes to swimming pools for public use, apartments, hotels ...