Porcelain stoneware is a compact, resistant material characteristic for its almost inexistent porosity and therefore, to its low water absorption.

A peculiar characteristic of porcelain stoneware pieces is their own composition. Only pure materials, such as minerals, kaolin, feldspar, clay, are used for the composition of each tile.

It is a product resistant to external agents. Its vitrified structure, with a low porosity degree ensure a high impermeability to acids, dirt and ice. the porcelain stoneware pavements by Cerámica Mayor are anti-slip, resistant to abrasions, fire and meet the current international regulations. Ideal for residential and public areas (including high transit and traffic density areas), the solutions offered by Mayor ensure an optimum inalterability in time and enable to perfectly define any environment.

See the full range of colours and formats available:

20MM special pavement

The thickness of the pieces has a direct impact on their characteristics, such as resistance to the passage of time, thermal shock, bending and impact.

The 20mm pieces are ideal for continuing to use the same collections in spaces where we need this extra resistance in the ceramic material, such as gardens, porches or terraces, thus creating more reinforced areas while maintaining the uniformity of colour throughout the space, both indoors and outdoors.

The 20mm pieces have been specifically designed for outdoor use, and Mayor offers them in a C3 anti-slip finish in order to maintain a safe environment whether the floor is wet or not.

The installation system of these pieces of considerable thickness is very simple and they can be laid directly on grass or levelled gravel.

Special pieces

At Cerámica Mayor, we differentiate from the rest of porcelain stoneware factories because we create unique pieces to solve constructive problems that appear every day when building.
We firmly believe that each piece must be created for a specific purpose and we do not conceive coupling, bonding or adapting tile pieces for other uses.


These are pieces designed for stairs, at Mayor we do not bond mitred pieces, we create a specific piece for this use, providing much more resistance to the piece and a better finish. This piece is enamelled on 2 or 3 sides in the case of angular steps.

Window sill

Pieces designed to prevent dampness in the window ledge. Also used to finish off window boxes, benches and swimming pools.

Coping / Pool edge

Which is your dream swimming pool? Infinity, lagoon, indoor, wellness, traditional or modern. Our systems adapt to you and thanks to their standard sizes they can be freely combined.

Drain grates for pools

Our ceramic grates, available in the same colours as the rest of pieces, prevent disturbing aesthetic ruptures, helping you to create a swimming pool in perfect harmony.

Outdoor pavement on floors and walls

Our pavements and walls are exclusively designed and manufactured to cover all those needs that may arise in a home: high traffic areas, a tendency to humidity and ease of cleaning, among many others. For this, we have taken into account every little detail in all our collections.

We are experts in the manufacture of ceramic for exteriors from its origin, ensuring that the firing of the material gives it high resistance and the polishing and finishes make greater ceramic a resistant and non-slip material. In addition, our R&D team develops collections based on current trends in landscaping and architecture, with parts that are easy to install and maintain.

The Céramica Mayor series are made up of all the pieces necessary for the resolution of encounters and construction details present in the exterior spaces of single-family, collective housing, public spaces, sports, cultural, educational centers, etc. They are suitable for any outdoor use. Our colors will be in accordance with the style of each project, ranging from the lightest and most minimalist tones to the warmest or Mediterranean. The walls and floors of your home or business will present a uniform appearance, capturing the ambient light and joining the parts that make up the space, such as the pool, terrace area and access to the house. Our pieces ensure that the spaces have the uniformity of texture and color that the designer requires for each specific project.

Pieces for every detail

The available pieces go from the base, with different formats, steps, skirting boards, stilts, partitions, rain gutters, special pieces, etc., being able to adapt these to the finish of the desired element.

There are a thousand possibilities to apply our products, such as outdoor furniture, crowning of walls, railings, as well as any element of landscaping.

Pool integrated in the landscape

It is essential to highlight the possibility of applying the Mayor ceramics completely in all the outdoor space, including in the pool or bathing area. Thanks to the non-slip, resistant and low porosity design of the porcelain stoneware tiles that are applied, ideal results are achieved inside the pool shell. The stability of the material gives it a great capacity for resistance to chemical products and, on the other hand, to abrasion, since it does not allow the utensils with which the bathing areas are maintained to damage the pieces. They are safe for use, since the slipperiness of the pavement, bases and steps is very low.

In addition to the interior of the shell, the ‘’Pool Solutions’’ series for crowning the edge of the pool develop the same colors and textures, being able to choose the same finishes for the entire exterior space.

Cerámica Mayor uses Inkjet technology to decorate the pieces, which enables obtaining exclusive ceramic tiles, thus preventing repetitive textures and repeated effects, typical of the more traditional decorated ceramic tiles. Each tile has exclusive and identifiable characteristics. Mayor’s porcelain stoneware meets the criteria of an innovative architect, capable of joining aesthetics and technological features.