The Cerámica Mayor collections have the gift of creating atmospheres that make you fall in love as soon as you enter the room. Composed of ceramic pieces with our own technology and innovation, with perfect finishes. Our porcelain stoneware is inspired by the beauty of light and shadows, soft Mediterranean tones and the most sensitive textures. Perfect ceramic solutions to coordinate outdoor aesthetics, swimming pools and recreational areas with a chic, characterful and modern style that will stand the test of time.

The warmth of wood, the intensity of stone, the naturalness of clay?
In the diversity of our collections you will find the one that best suits your wishes.
Together we can create the terrace of your dreams.




We show you various ceramic collections for interior spaces, designed with incomparable style and attention to detail. Each collection offers a unique combination of colours, textures and formats, allowing you to create personalised and captivating environments.


Our ceramic collections are specially designed to beautify outdoor spaces, fusing nature and aesthetics. We offer a wide range of colours and textures inspired by natural elements, transforming patios, terraces and gardens into true oases of natural beauty.

Ceramic solutions for retail and business

Enhance your business with our ceramic solutions. Cerámica mayor offers the opportunity to create unique, personalised designs that reflect the identity and differentiation of your project. Through a wide range of options and techniques, we can materialise your ideas and turn them into exclusive ceramic pieces.


Discover our innovative ceramic collections at the vanguard of the market. We adapt to current trends, offering versatile styles to suit all tastes. At Cerámica Mayor, we combine quality and design in each of our collections. Trust us for projects that reflect the latest developments in ceramics.