Conscious, Sustainable and Ecological Ceramics

In Cerámica Mayor we have a strong commitment with the environment and sustainability, that’s why little by little we are carrying out actions to take care of the planet as best as possible.

We integrate actions to support sustainable development and actively participate in the prevention of our planet, thus limiting our impact on the environment.

What we have achieved

Porcelain stoneware is manufactured taking into account energy and water efficiency criteria, making it a planet-friendly option due to its durability and its viable recycling.

For its manufacture, we make sure not to generate waste, using only natural materials that can be reused, being one of our ways of contributing to the environment.

Environmental benefits

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Standard daily
carbon savings


CO2 avoided


Equivalent trees
planted daily

Porcelain tile stands out as an environmentally friendly option. It is the fruit of the fusion of water, earth and fire, giving rise to a durability that transcends the limits of time, as well as technical and aesthetic characteristics that transform every space into a testimony of elegance.

Porcelain stoneware minimizes its environmental impact at every stage of its manufacture: from the extraction of raw materials in specific quarries, to its production under energy and water efficiency standards, to its eventual disposal.
A natural material for life.

Our sustainable goals


Use of 100%
sustainable or
biodegradable packaging

Reduce the use
of paper through
digitization of processes

Consolidate a
network of
local suppliers

We prioritize the 2030 agenda and the achievement of the SDGs linked to climate action and the promotion of the circular economy by reducing the negative environmental impact of our activities, encouraging sustainable practices, promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies, responsibly managing water and reducing the waste generated.