About us


Ceramica Mayor S.A. is a leading company in the manufacture of extruded material with a long tradition in the production of pavements and special pieces, both in natural and enameled finishes. The company was founded in the last century by D. Fernando Mayor Boluda and today is run by the Mayor brothers. Since its inception, it has kept its values, beliefs and customs intact, transmitting them from generation to generation and applying them to each and every one of its forms of expression.


We are a family business that has the know-how of three generations. From the first, from which we inherited the knowledge of clay and fire, through the enterprising generation that changed the concept of a manual company to a factory with cutting-edge technology and machinery, to the latest and most recent generation, which tries to make use of of new technologies to enhance our product.


We are currently a team of 100 people who work with professionalism and perseverance to achieve a common goal: excellence in our products. Our technical department, an expert in architecture, engineering, construction and design, is involved in each project, from the planning to its completion, creating synergies with each client throughout the entire process with the aim of achieving product excellence.


All our pieces undergo rigorous quality controls throughout the production process. Among other things, the mechanical resistance and thermal shock resistance, the chemical resistance of the enamel, the purity of its components and the stability of its forms are tested. In short, a comprehensive quality control, from the selection of clays to the final packaging to ensure that the product is in perfect condition.


Conservation and respect for the natural and environmental environment is part of the determining factors of our industrial process. Our flooring is made up of 50% recycled material. We recover 100% of the waste generated and reincorporate 100% of the water used in the process, ensuring zero discharge. All the links in the production chain are designed to facilitate the recycling of materials.


From the beginning we have opted for innovation in production processes without losing our traditional character. Cerámica Mayor has facilities adapted to meet the needs of an increasingly professional and demanding market. Our R&D team is constantly researching to generate products that offer high-end technical and aesthetic features.

Cerámica Mayor

Cerámica Mayor is a leading company in the manufacture of extruded material. Founded in the last century, it has been adapting and modernizing to be at the forefront of the ceramic sector. We are specialised in the creation of special pieces to solve the constructive problems that we find in our ongoing and future projects.


Our project for the future is a clear commitment to face the new challenges that the market demands in terms of sustainable architecture. The new way of designing and constructing buildings is, to achieve a building that respects the natural environment and improves the quality of life. Our untiring search for
new applications and the study of materials, together with the spirit of our team, make us a highly qualified company to respond to needs of future bioclimatic architecture.