Swimming pools

The swimming pool is the natural extension of terraces and outdoor living. Ceramic is the most recommended material for both indoor and outdoor use in swimming pools.

We have decades of experience in developing high quality ceramics and have now developed Pool Solutions, specialised systems for both private and public swimming pools.

Our strength lies in the pieces, smooth, large format, resistant to water pressure, easy to maintain… and above all the system solutions: every part of the pool will be ceramic, whether it is flat, curved, a grating, the coping. Click on each collection to know technically the system of each type of piece.

Types of swimming pools


The most popular pools are the so-called “skimmer pools” which get their name from the device placed on one side of the pool that sucks in the water, filtering it and keeping it clean. In this way, the water is always kept at a lower level than in other types of pools so that the skimmer can collect it properly.


Overflow pools create a unique visual effect thanks to the configuration of the pool, which allows the water to overflow until it reaches the drainage grating and from there to the gutter and the filtering system that allows the water to enter the pool clean and the water level to remain constant. In addition, all of Cerámica Mayor’s pool surrounds and gratings can be adapted to these boundless, modern and functional horizon pools.


Infinity pools merge the exterior of the home with the surrounding nature, creating a unique environment. In this type of pool, the water flows to one side or several sides of the pool, creating an appearance of continuity where the water is collected from the infinity or overflow area and is reincorporated into the pool’s water cycle, creating the appearance of an endless edge and continuity with the surroundings.

Beach / Lagoon

The platform that more and more pools are incorporating in their interior, specifically at the entrance to the pool itself, classifies them as beach or lagoon pools, allowing you to lie down and relax on it while keeping your head out of the water and generating different levels of depth, like those found on a beach or lagoon. A pool that combines this modern and comfortable detail with the high technical features of porcelain stoneware, such as anti-slip, which in a shallow area such as this type of platform will be an essential aspect to incorporate, preventing slips and falls. An attractive, safe and accessible pool for all users.


Public swimming pools must be non-slip, providing additional grip and guaranteeing the safety of all users, resistant to chemical products, abrasion and discolouration, and provide long durability due to high traffic. In addition to all this, Cerámica Mayor porcelain stoneware with low porosity allows for easy maintenance and the tiling is highly impermeable, preventing it from being affected by humidity and, therefore, by mould and degradation of the material.

Wellness / indoor

The pool in a wellness or spa area is specifically designed to offer a relaxing and wellness experience. It allows you to enjoy several comfort zones, such as hydrotherapy, allowing for muscle relaxation and stress relief, heat therapy and a relaxing environment that allows this type of pool to provide the best experience and wellness while still being in a safe environment where all the special pieces and tiles incorporate the Cerámica Mayor anti-slip system.

Swimming pools

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Anti-slip swimming pool floors

Safety is the primary concern in areas where there is, or may be, exposure to water, such as terraces with or without a swimming pool. Therefore, Cerámica Mayor’s anti-slip technology is an essential element to incorporate in these areas, ensuring the well-being of users without neglecting aesthetics, as the colours available for swimming pools and terraces maintain the uniformity of colour, creating a harmonised environment.

Steps on swimming pool stairs

Cerámica Mayor’s special pieces are created as a solution to each of the construction problems that may arise during the construction work. One of the most important and versatile pieces are the 33x120cm large-format straight stair tread pieces, which not only cover indoor stairs or terraces, but also the stairs inside the swimming pool, providing long durability, resistance and guaranteeing safety thanks to the anti-slip technology.

Swimming pool edges