Types of pools


The Skimmer system is the traditional pool system in which the water does not exceed the edge of the pool. This system is the most common in private and residential pools.


Overflow pools are pools where the water overhangs the edge of the pool. This system creates an integrated look with a stunning finish. For this type of finish we need specific pieces such as our Maui, Bora or Aruba pool systems.


Infinity pools are pools that create the visual effect of having no end or of continuing to the horizon due to the cascading waterfall that is generated on one or more sides. This modern system creates the connection between the pool and the surrounding environment, usually of a natural type.

Beach / Lagoon

It is called beach or lagoon to the area located at the entrance of the pool. This consists of a raised platform that allows you to sit or lie down while remaining in contact with the water all the time. It must be prepared with C3 anti-slip material to prevent people from slipping and falling when walking on it.


Public swimming pools need special features to comply with regulations, such as good cleaning and anti-slip properties, where tiles and special pieces by Mayor allow an easy cleaning of the pool and guarantee the safety of the users.

Wellness / Indoor

Indoor swimming pools are common in private residences and in public spaces such as sports areas or spas. Ceramic tiles with a C3 anti-slip finish are a great aesthetic solution that will create an integrated and safety area.

Swimming pools are areas that are continuously in contact with water, so the material that best withstands is ceramic (comparison table) as it does not alter or change colour with the constant exposure to water.

Moreover, Mayor’s ceramic is resistant to chemical products used in swimming pool maintenance, so it can not only be used on the outside, but also inside the swimming pool.

The advantages of using ceramic inside swimming pools is that that there are not as many joints as with vitreous glass mosaic tiles, which end up by getting loose and is less time in perfect condition. In addition to achieving a total integration between the design of the terrace with that of the swimming pool.

One of the major benefits of ceramic for floors around swimming pools is the anti-slip feature. The regulations indicate that a Class 3 should be met. But we should not only use anti-slip material because it is indicated in the regulations, our family or customer’s safety must hence be a good reason.

Although anti-slip finishes are usually considered as difficult to clean, this is a misconception. Cerámica Mayor’s pavements can be easily cleaned with a hose. Comfort above all.

Mayor has an entire collection of special pieces especially designed for swimming pool edges and ends, as well as ceramic grade pieces, designed expressly for the drain channel of infinity pools.