Anti-slip flooring C3

Anti-slip flooring is an effective solution to ensure safety on all types of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. These surfaces can become hazardous when wet or exposed to damp conditions, but with the use of anti-slip flooring, the risks of slips, falls and injuries are minimised.

To measure the degree of slipperiness of porcelain stoneware, two widely recognised international standards are mainly used: UNE-ENV 12633, which determines the coefficient of friction and therefore the slip resistance of ceramic surfaces, and DIN 51097, which focuses on assessing the slip resistance of flooring in wet areas such as swimming pools, showers or bathrooms.

Based on these two standards, Cerámica Mayor’s non-slip porcelain stoneware is classified as C3 and, therefore, is a material with maximum efficiency to prevent accidents and falls in swimming pools, wet areas and high traffic areas.

Pavimento porcelánico antideslizante c3

Commercial spaces: Commercial establishments, such as restaurants, shops, shopping centres or even sanitary spaces, can achieve greater safety with the use of anti-slip flooring that will also allow them to comply with the regulations that exist in many countries, offer greater confidence to employees and customers and greater durability thanks to the resistance of this material.

Industrial installations: In industrial environments, where surfaces may be exposed to liquids and oils, slip resistant flooring is essential to prevent accidents and injuries, allowing workers to perform their tasks safely. In addition, this flooring withstands heavy loads and is easy to maintain, contributing to a clean working environment.

Swimming pools and wet areas: It is especially important to install C3 non-slip flooring in swimming pools and wet areas to ensure the physical integrity of children and adults. In addition, Cerámica Mayor’s non-slip paving is available in a wide range of colours and formats that will allow you to develop any project, while also being resistant to chemical products and humidity thanks to its low porosity.

Airports and transport stations: In places with high traffic of people and luggage, such as airports and train or bus stations, anti-slip flooring improves safety and prevents possible falls, as well as facilitating the movement of people with reduced mobility and ensuring the resistance and long life of the material.


Safety and accident prevention: The main advantage of anti-slip flooring is its ability to prevent slips and falls. This makes them an ideal choice for swimming pools, showers, bathrooms and areas with a high influx of people, such as building entrances, walkways, ramps and industrial spaces.

Adaptability to different surfaces: Cerámica Mayor has adapted the C3 anti-slip finish to tiles and special pieces, such as steps, pool edges, drainage gratings and trims so that the project is completely versatile, functional and achieves the desired aesthetics while maintaining easy maintenance and safety throughout the environment.

Resistance: The anti-slip flooring can be used in interiors and exteriors as it is highly resistant to wear and tear, can be used in high traffic areas, is able to withstand heavy loads, resists abrasion, humidity, thanks to its low porosity and water absorption, chemicals, frost, fire, thermal shock and UV rays, keeping its colour intact.

Easy maintenance: Non-slip flooring is easy to clean and maintain thanks to its low porosity and uniform surface. This reduces dirt build-up and ensures that they retain their effectiveness over time and are resistant to stains and chemicals.

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Anti-slip flooring is the ideal choice to ensure safety on slippery surfaces. Their ability to prevent accidents and improve traction makes them a valuable solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If you are looking to protect your loved ones, employees and customers from slips and falls, installing Cerámica Mayor’s C3 anti-slip flooring will be the perfect choice.