Before choosing a ceramic material for your terrace you must consider a series of characteristics which are essential when making a good choice.

Integrated aesthetics

At Mayor, we are very concerned about the design and final aesthetics of the area where the ceramic is going to be installed. That is why we have all the pieces necessary to make a terrace and your swimming pool with the same design and colour. So that you have a 360º uniform view without design changes between the terrace and swimming pool areas.

A piece for every area

Thanks to Mayor’s manufacturing system, we have pieces designed and manufactured specially for every type of constructive requirement. For swimming pool stairs, edges and grates. For us, bonding flat pieces is not a good option, for these solutions, we believe that each piece must be created for its purpose, contributing greater resistance and structure to the same in the cases in which it is necessary.


All Mayor’s ceramic is anti-slip, to prevent possible slipping and unnecessary falls. In the terrace and swimming pool areas, which are constantly in contact with water, this must be an essential characteristic to be considered.

For life

Mayor’s porcelain stoneware is a material that does not deteriorate over the years. It builds thinking in the long term.

Easy maintenance

The ceramic by Cerámica Mayor is cleaned with water quickly and easily and it is resistant to chemical products. We know that you have better things to spend your time on.

Resistance to chemicals

This material does not get stained, or altered with the additives added to swimming pool water for its maintenance.

Reduction of thermal sensation

Don’t burn your feet!! Thanks to the Hawaii engraving we decrease by 30% the feeling of heat in contact with the skin.

Technical assistance in projects

At Mayor we help you choose the most suitable construction system for each project. Our technical department will assess you to create the project that best adapts to your requirements and dreams. We also provide a range of pieces that you can use for your projects or we can create them ourselves.