Uses of ceramic

Private use

Private apartment terrace

These are small terraces, but not for this reason should they be neglected. It is advisable to use small size pieces as they have less material waste. An interesting piece is the rain gutter, which can be used both in the windowsill and to create benches and planters.

Chalet terraces

They are larger and must be non-slip because they usually have bathing areas. Chalet terraces often have slopes, stairs to the entrance of the house or garden area, that is why we have special pieces, such as steps, which help us solve them.

Summer dinning rooms and barbeques

Chalets usually have a food preparation and dining area. It is important to install a non-porous material in these areas that does not absorb the grease or stains that may spill and for it to be non-slip for the users’ safety. It must also be easy to clean. Mayor’s ceramic pavements meet these requirements.

Garage and vehicle transit area

The breaking load and resistance to impact of Mayor’s pavement are perfect for the use in the vehicle entrance area to garages and residential parking areas.

Landscaping and gardens

More importance is increasingly been given to the union between our home and the surrounding natural environment. With the special ceramic pieces, the union and creation of integrated gardens will only have the limits of your imagination.

Public use

Hotels and restaurants

Areas of high transit must be designed from the beginning as safe and resistant areas. They must also be clean and easy to maintain. Ceramic Mayor’s pavements meet all these requirements.

Community pools

They must comply with the anti-slip regulation for users’ complete safety. The Pool Solutions series is perfect for these areas.