Private terraces and pools

Amazonia miel, Crosscut petra

The combination of the timeless elegance of Crosscut Petra color, inspired by natural Travertine stone, and the warmth of Amazonia Miel wood with the durability of porcelain stoneware has brought this terrace and pool to life.
Crosscut Petra brings solidity and sophistication with its detailed design, while Amazonia Miel adds warmth and comfort. With wear resistance and easy maintenance, these collections will maintain the beauty of this fantastic Comercial Vera project for years to come.
Let us be a part of your next project and discover how our collections can transform your outdoor spaces into true oases of style and serenity!

Tiles Amazonia Miel 20x120cm, Tiles Crosscut 60×120, Recto step 33x120cm

Amazonia Miel, Crosscut Petra

Cupira Marengo
Crosscut Petra