Terraces and private pools

Stromboli Cream

Casa Entreplazas is a project by the architectural studio Buhoblanco Arquitectos, where the new coexists with the old, transforming the traditional architecture but maintaining the essence of La Mancha architecture.

The exterior space of the house becomes a direct continuation of the interior and the main space of enjoyment in the house, whose limit is blurred by the opening of the window openings. The style of the house seeks maximum functionality, adapting it to the client’s way of life.

The terrace and swimming pool, an outdoor area clad entirely with Stromboli Cream by Cerámica Mayor, which undoubtedly brings warmth to the environment in a simple way, as well as absorbing the light in such a way that it does not create a great light load and enhances a peaceful atmosphere.

Tiles 37,5x75cm, recto step 33x120cm, drain grate RJ67 25x50cm

Stromboli Cream

Buhoblanco Arquitectos

Alejandro Gómez Vives

Cupira Multi
Crosscut petra