Terraces and private pools

Amazonia miel, Tropic turqueta

Immerse yourself in the impressive swimming pool lined with ceramic tiles, built with the prestigious porcelain stoneware from Cerámica Mayor. This architectural project has transformed this space into a captivating oasis that delights the senses and guarantees a unique experience. From the warm Honey tone of the Amazonia collection, to the striking Tropic Aquamarine, our nature-inspired colors create a visually dazzling environment that evokes the serenity of the forests and the depth of the ocean.

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics; we focus on safety and functionality. Ceramica Mayor porcelain tile is recognized for its C3 slip-resistant quality, ensuring a safe environment for the entire family. In addition, our straight steps, manufactured in one piece, offer easy and safe access to water. With a high-quality material that reduces carbon footprint, we promote environmental sustainability without compromising style or safety.

Tiles Amazonia Miel 30×120 cm,  Tile Tropic Turqueta 14.7×14.7 cm , Recto step 33×120 cm

Amazonia Miel, Tropic Turqueta

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