Terraces and private pools

Cements Snow y Sea Rock Caramel

Now that’s a charming little terrace. This attractive terrace combines several colours that, together, fit perfectly. For the flooring, Aquazzaro Piscinas has used Cements Snow by Cerámica Mayor, a white porcelain stoneware that imitates cement and, thanks to its neutral tone, can be easily coordinated with any other colour. In this case, the colour selected was Sea Rock Caramel, which covers the walls surrounding the entire terrace. Both colours have been used in their 37.5x75cm tile format, which is a size usually chosen due to its wide versatility

Tiles 37,5x75cm, recto step 33x120cm

Cements Snow, Sea Rock Caramel

Aquazzaro Piscinas

Cupira Hueso, Cupira Marengo
Crosscut Cloud