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Chrysomare Beach Hotel & Resort

On the stunning island of Cyprus, the prestigious Chrysomare Beach Hotel & Resort is a 5-star luxury oasis. Since its opening, the hotel has captivated its guests with an immense terrace featuring not one, but three swimming pools entirely covered with Stromboli Light porcelain stoneware by Ceramica Maggiore.

The choice of Stromboli Light not only gives the pools exceptional aesthetics, but also reflects the quality and durability that defines Cerámica Mayor. In addition to the paving, ceramic gratings and borders specially designed for swimming pools have been cleverly incorporated. These elements not only enhance the beauty of the aquatic environment, but also ensure efficient drainage and an elegant finish to the pool surrounds.

At Chrysomare Beach Hotel & Resort, the combination of Cyprus’ natural beauty and Major Ceramics’ excellence in design and functionality creates a unique and memorable environment for guests seeking a truly luxurious experience.

Tile 60×120 cm Stromboli, Drain grate  RJ25 25x50x2.2 cm, Maui edge 33×50 cm

Stromboli light

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