Private terraces and pools

Crosscut Petra, Cupira Marengo

If you are a lover of deep blues for pool water, take inspiration from this one to create yours! Making the most of the space, Comercial Vera used two opposing rows of Creta edges to form the pool coping in Crosscut Petra color. This color contrasts with the Cupira Marengo, used in the interior of the deep blue pool, in its 60×120 cm format, forming a play of light and dark that give life and dynamism to the project.

Tiles Crosscut petra  60×120 cm, Tiles Cupira Marengo 60×120 cm, Recto step  33×120 cm, Edge Creta 33×50 cm

Stromboli light, Cupira Marengo

Stromboli Light
Woods Arctic