Terraces and private pools

Crosscut Petra, Cupira multi

At Cerámica Mayor we always go for uniqueness and this pool is, above all, unique because of its daring combination of two colours from different collections. Inside the pool, the Cupira Multi colour covers everything, making the water look deep blue and inviting you to dive in. Outside, and as part of the terrace, the Crosscut Petra colour crowns the pool and covers the surrounding planters to create a harmonious space.

Deycon Swimming Pools could not have found a better combination for this small terrace where space has been used to the maximum. In addition, the small beach and the crowning of the pool with the Creta border add details that simply make the pool shine even more.

Tiles 60x120cm, tiles 37,5x75cm, recto step 33x120cm, Creta edge 33x50cm

Crosscut Petra, Cupira Multi

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Crosscut Petra
Cupira Marengo