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Views Baía Hotel

In Funchal, Portugal, The Views Baia Hotel offers a spectacular view of the bay, combining the tranquillity of porcelain stoneware with the graphic and minimalist charm of natural stone. With its Stromboli Light colour, this hotel has completely renovated the outdoor areas, adding a cosmopolitan touch to the ambience. The experience of plunging into the pool goes beyond freshness and vitality, while moments of relaxation become a celebration of design and comfort. The terrace and swimming pool, completely tiled in porcelain stoneware with a non-slip finish, offer guests safety and comfort.

Every detail, from the carefully designed Crete border to the ceramic drainage grille, reflects the dedication and mastery employed in the project’s finishes. In this space, excellence is not just a goal, it is a promise fulfilled. Furthermore, the choice of porcelain stoneware for the pool floor and wall tiles guarantees durability and safety, without compromising elegance and aesthetics. Experience the perfect fusion of quality and design in this coastal retreat.

This magnificent hotel offers a range of ceramic elements, tailored not only to enhance aesthetics, but also to emphasize safety and durability. From high-performance ceramic flooring to excellent pool tile options, every aspect has been designed to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring a pleasurable and aesthetically appealing experience for guests.

Tiles 60×120 cm Stromboli, Drain grate RJ25 25x50x2.2 cm, Edge creta 33×50×2.5 cm

Stromboli light

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