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Kyma Mare Dunes Resort

Let us travel to the idyllic coast of Mastichari, Greece, where the dazzling Kyma Mare Dunes Resort is located, a luxury beachfront enclave. This resort has achieved a harmonious fusion by incorporating two captivating colours of Ceramica Mayor for interiors and exteriors: Cements Snow in 60×120 cm format and Cements Warm in 75×75 cm dimensions. In addition, the Stromboli Light collection in 60×120 cm has been chosen to add an extra touch of brightness and sophistication.

Every corner of the Kyma Mare Dunes Resort has been meticulously tiled with our large-format porcelain stoneware, including straight steps that add a touch of grandeur to the stairs and pool edges that enhance the aesthetics of the aquatic spaces. In addition, to ensure the safety of visitors, we have incorporated anti-slip properties into our tiles, creating a safe and stylish environment.

tile 60×120 cm Stromboli, tile 60×120 cm Cements Snow, Base 75×75 cm, Cements Warm, Recto step 33×120 cm

Stromboli light, Cements Snow, Cements Warm

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