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Why choose ceramic?

Consumers are currently committed to an intelligent and moderate consumption, investing in quality, versatile and long-lasting products. Therefore, ceramic cladding and pavement are the most common option when having to cover walls and floors. In addition to their resistance, the require minimum care, they are easy to install and perfectly match other materials.

It is a natural product

The raw material that ceramic tile are made of come from the earth (clay) which together with water and the firing, make this material a natural product.

Long-lasting and resistant

A definite advantage that ceramic tiles offer opposite other materials is their durability. It is a material that is highly resistant to the passage of time, wear and climate changes.

Anti-allergic and hygienic.

Thanks to their antibacterial properties and waterproof nature, ceramic tiles have become the preferred material when covering floors, specially floors that are in contact with water or close to it.


Some ceramic pavements change their superficial finish, without altering their aesthetic appearance, to adapt their anti-slip resistance performance. They are useful, for example, in large traffic areas in humidity conditions or to walk barefoot in spas, dressing rooms, showers, etc. You can see them here.

Easy to maintain

Ceramic tiles do not require special care. Regular cleaning with water is sufficient, and if the surface is dirty or greasy, cleaning agents such as detergents or bleaches can be used so that it remains intact.

Cerámica Mayor
Cerámica Mayor

Infinity of designs

The variety of styles we find in ceramic pavements and cladding make them fit perfectly in any part of the house. The infinite formats, colours, finishes, sizes and the thousands of possible combinations make our imagination the only limit for the use of ceramic. In addition, today, with digital printing technology it is possible to imitate woods, stones and other fine materials, although without having to suffer the disadvantages that these entail.


Ceramic materials can be used in a wide variety of areas, both indoor and outdoor. We can not only renovate floors and wall with them, but they are also perfect to create outdoor furniture and cover the inside of swimming pools. With a little creativity and harmonised with the decoration details, ceramic pavements can transform an area in a place with great charm.

A perfect decorative option

The possibility of creating special ceramic pieces for different places and constructive solutions, enables the consumer to have a fully integrated area without having to combine several types of materials. You can have the same area all covered with ceramic combining its integral design.

  Ceramic Wood Marble Vinyl flooring Carpet
Unalterable to temperature          
Unalterable to humidity          
Easy maintenance          
Scratch resistance          
Wear resistance          
It always stays the same colour          
Hygienic surface          
Easy to install          
Corrosion resistance          
Radiant floor without problems