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Cement smoke

On the Greek island of Mykonos is the fantastic Argo Hotel Mykonos for which they decided to give a new look by using our Cements Smoke ceramic, a colour that imitates cement, adding the advantages of porcelain stoneware, placing it all over the terrace, a simple way to modernise the hotel.

In addition to the terrace, paved in the 75×75 square format, they also included this colour for the swimming pool with the 37.5×75 tiles for the interior, the Creta pool border for the coping and the RJ67 ceramic drainage grid, which is very useful especially in pools of this type, overflowing, preventing the water from overflowing more than necessary. This colour creates a deep blue colour in the water, which, combined with the contrasting light, creates a wonderful effect in the water.

Tiles 75x75cm, recto step 33x120cm, Creta edge 33x50cm, drain grate RJ67 25x50cm

Cements smoke

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