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Stromboli Cream

For the entire cladding of the Hotel Paradiso Garden, located in Mallorca just a few metres from the Mediterranean Sea, the colour Stromboli Cream has been used, achieving a modern linear concept in which all spaces are integrated. This colour gives the water a special blue colour with hints of turquoise.

The outdoor terraces have been covered with C3 anti-slip paving, both for the tiles and for all the special pieces used on the terrace, such as the straight steps, the Bora overflow pool coping, the RJ67 drainage grating and the Canarias grating support.

In addition, in the private pools in the rooms, the guttering has also been used to create the beautiful infinity pools that characterise the complex

Tiles 60x60cm, recto step 33x120cm, Bora edge 20x50cm, Canarias support edge 18x50cm, drain grate RJ67

Stromboli cream

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