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Crosscut Petra

In an enchanting scenic location in Mykonos Town, the exquisite Ocean Inn resort offers a truly unique experience.

Framed by the iconic Cycladic sunset, this luxurious hotel is distinguished by its modern aesthetic and a touch of minimalist luxury that delights all guests. Located just steps away from the stunning beach of Agia Anna, this little paradise has been meticulously designed down to the last detail, highlighted by the choice of our exceptional Crosscut collection in the colour Petra.

Our Crosscut Petra tiles have been used throughout the outdoor areas of the resort, creating a sophisticated and elegant ambience in every corner. In addition, we have incorporated several special pieces, which add a differentiating touch to the project, enhancing even more the beauty of this unique place.

The Ocean Inn is a place where design and quality merge in perfect harmony, providing our guests with an experience that will remain etched in their memories forever. Discover the magic of Mykonos in this luxury retreat and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, where modern aesthetics and minimalist luxury intertwine with the natural beauty of the island and the timeless elegance of our Crosscut Petra tiles. Welcome to a dreamy paradise in Mykonos!


Tile 90x90cm – 60x120cm, Creta pool edge  33x50cm, Recto step 33x120cm and Drain grate RJ25 – 25x50cm.

Crosscut Petra

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