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Oleo Villas

In the exterior renovation of Olea Villas, the original Mediterranean style of the house and the stone of all the surrounding walls have been maintained. In harmony with the stone, the Stromboli Cream anti-slip C3 paving used throughout the outdoor space and inside the swimming pool stands out, maintaining the elegance of the entire terrace.
The interior of the house has also maintained the mix of beige tones, wood and contemporary elements, using Woods Nordic flooring for all the rooms, which now exude personality, serenity and functionality. The stars of the terrace are the special anti-slip pieces that help to maintain a completely integrated exterior. Straight steps, Creta edges and RJ25 drainage grilles complete this project while maintaining its warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Tiles 60x60cm, tiles 20x120cm, recto step 33x120cm, Creta edge 33x50cm drain grate RJ25 25x50cm

Stromboli Cream, Woods Nordic

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