Cavos Hotel

We moved to Aghios Sostis, Greece, to admire this fantastic and intimate beachfront hotel that shines with its own light. The Cavos Hotel Tinos has remodelled its outdoor facilities with porcelain stoneware from Cerámica Mayor in the colour Stromboli Light. The terrace and swimming pool have been completely covered with this light colour whose design is inspired by natural stone and could not have been a better match for the hotel.

The entire terrace is covered with the 75x75cm square format, while the large infinity pool has been tiled with the 37.5x75cm tiles. In addition, the pool has been edged with Creta pool edge, which is suitable for any type of pool, such as this curved infinity pool. Finally, they have used the RJ67 ceramic drainage grate which, having the same measurements as the Creta pool edge, makes the crowning of the pool completely perfect.