This particular pool located in the Coblanca Urbanization of Benidorm has as highlights the coronation of the pool made with the Mikonos edge of 45x75 in sea rock caramel, it is a special piece for coronations of large-format swimming pools and with an engraving on the surface of the piece that makes it more non-slip and has a thermal sensation of 30% less than the other pieces of normal ceramics, for the beach of this pool, a combination of artificial grass with caramel flooring of 31x83 and caramel gutter 18x50 was used to finish the terraces. In the entrance stairs to the pool we used the 33x120 caramel full step, the reason for our client to choose the model sea rock caramel was to give a rustic touch to his pool and all the terraces around the pool and the whole house, in addition also looked for a pavement in greenish tone that combined with the plots of its neighbors who present an abundant vegetation of pines and palm trees, for this reason he liked the combination of artificial grass and sea rock caramel.