Stromboli Silver + Hawaii

This wonderful pool backed by our characteristic Silver color brings great majesty to this private villa located in Ukraine.
Backing up the pool, we find the 37x75 base of the Stromboli collection along with the Hawaii System Grid Support, a clear example of elegance.

In Ceramica Mayor we like to take care of the maximum detail, therefore, the perfect union is found with the combination of the Hawaii Pool Edge and the Grid RJ66 obtaining the highest adhesion with our anti-slip system.
Presiding over the pool, a luxurious Jacuzzi topped by our Pool Edge Creta, to immerse ourselves in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. This characteristic octagonal finish has been achieved by placing two Creta pieces so that both the interior and the exterior of the edge of the jacuzzi have a perfect rounded finish.

In this pool we can find our two pool systems Hawaii and Creta, achieving a perfect fusion and a great harmony with each other.