Our client Roca de Altea thought of Cerámica Mayor's swimming pool materials from the outset for this swimming pool built inside a building in the Mascarat luxury residential complex in Calpe.

We were looking for a paving that imitated wood with a light tone that would bring luminosity to this interior space in which trying to achieve the greatest sensation of diaphanous space was paramount.

For this reason, Woods Nordic ceramic wood was chosen to pave the entire project. The 22.5x90cm non-slip format was used throughout the wellness centre, as this is a space that will be used by a large number of people and preventing slips is an essential task. The pool is crowned with the 33x50cm Creta border and the RJ67 ceramic drainage grating, the star combination of Cerámica Mayor. The choice of the grating in the same colour was a key decision to achieve the integration of the whole space, without visual breaks, as well as to collect all the water that overflowed excessively from the pool; both products, the Creta border and the RJ67 grating, are non-slip.

Thanks to our ceramic paving and its versatility, they achieved a 100% integrated space in the same colour and the result was perfect.