Steps and windows

At Cerámica Mayor we have thought of all the spaces and the possible construction problems that these may present. One of the most common cases when finishing a constructive solution would be the completion of stair treads and window finishes. For this, in our catalog we offer specific pieces so that the finishes of stairs and windows are no longer a concern. As regards outdoor stairs, the step is a constructive element to which to pay special attention since, due to its nature and function, it must provide security to the user. The vertical communication elements must be perfectly finished. For this reason, in Cerámica Mayor the different pieces that make up the covering of the steps have been developed.

Cerámica Mayor
Cerámica Mayor


On the one hand we have the models that make up the footprint, the horizontal plane of the step that are; ‘120x33 Full step’, ‘120x33 Straight step’; ‘31,6x33 Straight step; ‘33x33 Straight angular step’. With these four models we can cover the horizontal surface of any step regardless of the configuration of the ladder.

Defining by parts the different types of steps stated above, the two great differences between the complete step and the straight step would be; the first one has a rectangular and larger section, being a compact piece and the second one has an ‘’L’’ section which allows it, thanks to the ‘’nose’’, to prepare steps that do not have sharp edges, which is an important constructive advantage. To this selection are added a series of pieces for the lining of the riser such as the ‘13x120 Tabica’.


We only need to complete the set of pieces for covering the stair treads, the stilts. These are special skirting pieces that adapt to the shape and dimensions of the step. They are supplied on site with special dimensions so that they can be cut to size on site.

Integral stetic

After the description of all the pieces that make up these construction elements, we see that an integral aesthetic can be perfectly achieved in the vertical communication elements, to which special attention must be paid, being one of the main protagonists in the projects of architecture.

Estética integral
Soluciones en ventanas

Window solutions

As for window solutions, the window sill would be another key piece for the finishes to be safe and direct rainwater in the right direction, avoiding the accumulation of water and humidity and preserving exterior space and security. For example, in exit doors to the outside or in the opening of windows, the finished pieces or with a certain inclination will lead to this result.